Wellbeing Pharmacy

“I was impressed at how RM-PM were
seemingly able to anticipate my particular
ideas and concerns before i even voiced
them to them when discussing the fit out
of our first pharmacy. They had an
uncanny ability to deliver exactly what
was promised – namely an empty unit from
shell to shop in less than 5 weeks. The companies
skill to communicate and project manage was first class
and that is why we have used RM-PM to fit and refit
a further 6 of our stores throughout the UK”


Kevin Murphy, Operations Director

Wellbeing Pharmacies


” I was very satisfied at the qulaity of the
finished project that RM-PM delivere in
the time frame agreed. I would strongly
urge anyone thinking of using the RM-PM
team that they do so. I was extremely
impressed with the overall service delivered
by the team on the ground who worked
effiiently and quickly”


Chris Bainton Managing Director


Simons Group

“RM-PM have been extremely helpful
during our Boots Dunfermline project and
got us out of a few sticky situations to
which i am grateful.”


David Read, Quantity Surveyor

Simon Group.